Thursday, October 29, 2009


I have not blogged the entire month of October! Gosh, that is terrible. What is worse, I read lots of other people's blogs and forget to write in my own! But I guess nothing too terribly exciting has happened. I like to tell stories with pictures but I am at the wrong computer to do so. Words will have to suffice...

Let's see sine September 24 of my last post...the Saints have gone undefeated!!! It's getting chilly in Hell, that's all I'm going to say...

...I am continuing work on my Masters. It is getting so tedious to do the same thing every week for each of my 3 classes, but midterms are over and I am getting closer to being done! is going well. I am just cruising right along learning the ropes and how everything works. I really use a lot from work in my classes so that is really helpful too.

...The revel came and went. I bought 2 pictures from 2 different artist this year. I just love local work and just LOVE the Revel. I went 4 times! I bought a black and white fleur de lis with black and white pictures of Shreveport. One of the pictures was Byrd so I HAD to buy it. The other is a purple and gold fleur de lis. But it is REALLY bright colors and I just love it. It was added to the LSU bathroom (it's not as tacky as it may sound). And the black and white picture is hanging by the stairs. love the revel.

Me and Crystin at the Revel watching Pat Green during the second half of the LSU-Florida game!

...LSU played Florida..we I watch Pat Green the second half of the game! of my most favorite bands, Eli Young Band, came to Ruston on a Thursday so all, I mean ALL, of us loaded up in cars and drove to Ruston for an AMAZING concert!! Even Brent from Lafayette came up for the weekend! We had sooo much fun!!

Last week, I made potato soup for my girls and we watched Grey's Anatomy and carved pumpkins!! The soup was delish, if I do say so myself. And the pumpkins...well they were...unique?

Well that pretty much covers October. I just couldn't go a whooooole blog without pictures. I have tons more and I can think of a few things in September that were skipped over. And I will give full report on Halloween after this weekend!