Friday, September 23, 2011

The Big Easy on my Mind

The Super Dome- New Orleans, Louisiana
Last weekend Chris and I decide to go play in New Orleans. We decided this Friday around 3 o'clock. Just a little spur-of-the-moment. Chris already had a duck hunt planned for Saturday, so we weren't able to leave until Saturday afternoon. So off we went to New Orleans Saturday afternoon....

We got to New Orleans just at dinner time and Lauren and Nat treated us to a local favorite for dinner. No idea what it was called, but it was good. We watched some football and then went back to the house. Everyone was tired, and we had a big day the next day, so we called it a night.

First, we had breakfast at Refuel. I have been there once before with Lauren and have been craving the cheese grits ever since. They did NOT disappoint. They are so creamy, with just the right amount of grit. Just a bit of salt and pepper on top and they were perfect!

Then on to the main show- the home opener for the New Orleans Saints against the Chicago Bears. To say I was excited is a serious understatement. 

Just Sunday morning with a few of our closest friends. 
Chris and I snagged so pretty good tickets. We didn't buy them until that Friday, but we were pretty pleased. 
Inside the Dome.
Pre-game run out tunnel. 
Sean Payton said ON YOUR FEET!
Drew Brees! 
The Saints played an awesome game! We had 6 sacs and amazing defense! I was so excited to be at the game and even Chris cheered a few times. We were starved after the game so we walked to Landry's Seafood. Chris wanted crab legs and I knew we could find them there.  

The beautiful Jackson Square 
In Jackson Square
 And no trip to New Orleans is complete without a visit to Cafe du Monde. 
Until next time New Orleans...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Currently listening to...

Mercy Me - Move


Of course the lyrics are great, but the beat of the song just makes ya wanna dance! I get so excited when I hear it in the car and start doing that whole- dance like no one is watching jig.

When life wont play along
And right keeps going wrong
And I cant seem to find my way

I know where I am found
So I wont let it drag me down
Oh, I'll keep dancing anyway

Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Five

1. Yeah!!! It's the weekend! And it is going to be a great weekend! LSU opening game is TOMORROW!!! I wasn't paying much attention to that fact until this week, and now I am just SO excited for football to be back!! GEAUX TIGERS! (and Saints, even though they played like garbage last night)

2. Chris is also coming home for the weekend. His work schedule had been C-R-A-Z-Y, for pretty much the last 2 months. He's been home 13 days in the month of August and 7 of those were for the wedding. Glad he could make it.

3. Along with LSU football starting tomorrow, dove season is opening. Not that I give two wahoos about hunting anything, but I know Chris does. He loves hunting and I am happy he will be able to enjoy something he loves. Down side- even when he is "home" on the weekends, he won't be at home. He will be in a dove field, duck blind or deer stand.

4. I am also house sitting starting today. I enjoy house sitting, but do not enjoy packing. It is hard to pack up for a week and try to remember everything you might possibly need while you are staying in someone's house. Oh well. And I will be the temporary owner of a dog for one week! Yay! Though Libby isn't much of a cuddler...

5. LSU game tomorrow and a pool day before that. I am whipping up a fabulous dip for the football party. Chris will be home tonight = date night! [I am craving Mexican :)]. Church Sunday and Sunday School fellowship Sunday night annnnnnnnnd no work Monday!! Told ya it was going to be a good weekend!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Food Blogger?

Everyone knows I love food and love to cook. Not that I will be a food blogger, but I would like to dabble with it. Here is an attempt. 

At the bridal luncheon at the Glennwood Village Tearoom, we had 3 scoops of chicken salad and a delicious biscuit. The chicken salad was full of pecans and celery, which is great if you like that sort of thing. The celery was largely chopped, read: easy to pick out. The pecans were more finely chopped, read: unavoidable/impossible to pick out. But really, the pecans weren't all that bad. It added the texture and crunch that I took out with the celery. The salad itself was great, not very mayonnaise-y. There was also a granny smith apple slice on the side, which added a sweet, juicy crunch. 

The biscuit. I can't even begin to describe how delicious it was. It didn't even need butter. It was served warm. It was almost a cheddar biscuit, but not. It had a hint of garlic that was perfect. Basically, in one word- yummy. 

For dessert we had Chocolate Kahlua Mousse. Again, one word- yum. A dark chocolate thick, yet fluffy, kahlua mousse. Then drizzled with chocolate syrup, which was a little off putting, because it tasted like straight Hershey's. It was very rich so I couldn't finish it all, but it was still yummy. 


It takes about 7 minutes of me sitting still for me to become bored. It happens instantly. Not that I don't have things I could be doing, but I don't really want to those things. 

When I get bored, I eat. When I eat, I get fat. Boo. Why can't every time I get bored, I just can't fight the urge to do 1000 crunches??? Or I feel, I just have to finish alllll the thank you notes. I get bored and just feel the need to clean the house top to bottom, so we can put it on the market. 

I hate being bored. But I also hate lacking motivation. Currently, I am exhibiting both. Tragic.