Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Ok, I am terrible at Wordless Wednesdays. At least I can admit it though. These flowers are from my Valentine! So sweet. They make my office smell yummy! And he is on a rig this week, so he must have planned ahead! And since I lost one of the pearls he gave me for V-day last year, he bought me some new ones a week ago when he was in town! I sure do love him.

So I don't get to have the super special Valentine's Day with him, but really everyday with him is pretty special. (Barf, I know.) But he is coming back from the rig today and I have just a few belated Valentine's Day tricks up my sleeve! I love surprises :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Five

1. I have THE best idea for part of my bridesmaid's gifts. I love it! And I want to tell someone, which would usually be one of the bridesmaids. But I can't tell them. This gift will taunt me until I can give it to them.

2. Wedding planning is more or less wrapping up. We haev to do tuxes, finalize flowers, shoes for everyone, a veil, transportation,. I mean that's almost done, right?

3. I am ready for the showers to start!! It's not even about the gifts and stuff. But I feel like once I have showers to go to it will really feel like I am getting married! Right now, it sorta feels like this big stressful event I am planning- that is forever away!

4. I am so over school. Ugh. I'm in week 4 of 16. Ugh. Too. much. reading. Ugh.

5.169 days!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wedding Party

Well it is official! The wedding party has been determined and more importantly, informed that Chris and I want them to be a part of our day!!

We are beyond thrilled to have everyone be a part of the wedding! Each person means something special to both of us.

Now days, you can't just give someone a call and ask them to be in your wedding. So old school. So I decided to be cost-effectively creative:

I bought little cards and white ribbon and rhinestones. Wrote a personal note to each of my girls and asked them to be a part of the wedding. I bought cala lilies, tied on my note and delivered to the girls. I think they really liked it. And I know they are just excited for me as I am!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow Day 2011

We had our second snow day of the year! The first one was back in January and there was actually no snow at all. It was pitiful that we actually closed the school. Now, I love a day off, but closing the school is so stressful for me. And I know it shouldn't be, but I get stressed about everything. We finally made the call to cancel work on Friday, on Thursday at about 6:00.

This time it was totally worth it to close down. It did snow, but it was more like sleet. I tried to make a snow angel, it was like laying on concrete. No angel. And the snowballs hurt!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

SuperBowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday. Woo. Honestly I am not that interested this year. I am half tempted to wear my Saints jersey tonight. They should be there. Boo. But Chris and I are going to watch with some friends and enjoy the festivities. BUT, what I am most excited about this Sunday is the handy new gadget I got to use. I decided to make cupcakes to take with us to the party. And since I watch way too many cooking shows, I couldn't just make plain cupcakes and ice them. No, no. I have to decorate them! So I bought this:
The Super Icer! Actually I have no idea what the name of this thing is but it looked like the coolest thing ever, and it is. You fill the little tube with icing and then push the little lever with your thumb and the icing squirts out. It came with 5 little tips. The box showed some pretty fancy designs I could make with these tips, but I started slow. I iced the cupcakes with chocolate icing and piped footballs, letters, and field goals on the cupcakes! Some are better than others, but I am sure they will all taste yummy!

So Steelers or Green Bay??? I don't care. I am just ready to enjoy good food, fellowship and friends at the party! :)