Sunday, February 6, 2011

SuperBowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday. Woo. Honestly I am not that interested this year. I am half tempted to wear my Saints jersey tonight. They should be there. Boo. But Chris and I are going to watch with some friends and enjoy the festivities. BUT, what I am most excited about this Sunday is the handy new gadget I got to use. I decided to make cupcakes to take with us to the party. And since I watch way too many cooking shows, I couldn't just make plain cupcakes and ice them. No, no. I have to decorate them! So I bought this:
The Super Icer! Actually I have no idea what the name of this thing is but it looked like the coolest thing ever, and it is. You fill the little tube with icing and then push the little lever with your thumb and the icing squirts out. It came with 5 little tips. The box showed some pretty fancy designs I could make with these tips, but I started slow. I iced the cupcakes with chocolate icing and piped footballs, letters, and field goals on the cupcakes! Some are better than others, but I am sure they will all taste yummy!

So Steelers or Green Bay??? I don't care. I am just ready to enjoy good food, fellowship and friends at the party! :)

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