Sunday, January 30, 2011


I have seriously been missing in action lately. But I actually have valid reasons. My head has been running in a gazillion, that's right a gazillion, directions. Work, wedding, school and not always in that order and not always equally. Whew. I am a pretty organized and balanced (I think) person, but I have been all over the place. And not just in my mind but emotional too. Poor Chris he just straps on his seatbelt and is along for the ride.

My runs in from school, to work, to a paper I need to write, to the book on my Kindle I bought 3 weeks ago but haven't got to read, to the book I got in Sunday school I know I should read, to the website edits, to the angry faculty I try to make happy but never can, to what color I want for the dresses, what flowers, what favors, to what kind of houses we should look at, should we even look at houses now, if we buy a house can we actually make it a home, what should be on the menu,what bank should be is. endless. ...I know that is so boring for most people everyone, but this is what consumes my brain 24/7. 

It is exhausting to think about all that at once. I know I don't really have to think about that but I can't help it. I didn't think working and school would be that hard. I wouldn't think working and wedding planning is hard. But seriously, all three??? Exhausting. 

So yes, I am M.I.A. and I might be for a while. Maybe just til May 22 when I graduate. And maybe by then I will be done with wedding, and I can just relax until the wedding.... HA!

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