Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Pink Lemoande cupcakes I made for the lake!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there! And especially to my Daddy!

Boy do I have a good dad. Such a Godly, honorable, funny, super smart D-A-D! It's funny, everyone always says they have the best family, the best Dad, the best parents. But sorry, I think I really do haev the best!

I wish I had a scanner to put up some of the classic pictures of me and dad. There are some good ones! I think at one point, Dad wore shorter shorts than me ;) I will always remember the picture of Dad and I when I was a baby. I am laying on his stomach while he sits in a chair and i had my neck stretched out and I am looking around, like a turtle. And that is how the nickname "turtle head" was born.

I remember the days...
...I actually wanted to go the deer lease because I thought it was fun. Then I figured out what was going on there!

...Dad would go to all my basketball games. And taught me how to shoot without turning my shoulders. And how to not shoot a knuckle ball. Ha!

...Dad loved on me and I wore my "Daddy's girl" earrings when I went places with him.

...Dad disciplined me. I was terrified of getting in trouble by Dad (still am!). But he did it all out of love. The old line "this hurts me more than it hurts you." Yeah, right! Maybe emotionally it hurt him more, but not physically! I know he hated having to be stern, but it was for the best. And I think I turned out better for it.

...when Dad wouldn't let me play in basketball tournaments on Sundays. I thought it was the worst!! I mean "come on! It's only one Sunday!" But it was more than just not playing a game on Sunday. It was about learning priorities and knowing what is more important in life.

...the days I disappointed Dad. And to this day I still get upset about it. I hate that. Disappointing anyone. But especially Dad.

...the days I made him proud! I loved those days! Dad is not a man of many words, and he doesn't have to be. Because I know he is super proud of me.

I love my dear ole Dad and I thank God everyday for allowing me to have such a great Dad as a role model! LOVE YOU DADDY!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Five

1. I am making pink lemonade cupcakes tonight! I am super excited because who doesn't like pink lemonade? And who doesn't like cupcakes?! I can't wait to try them!

2. Chris and I are going to the lake with his family tomorrow! I love the lake and sunshine and spending time with family! Woo!

3. One of my dearest friends from high school got married last weekend! She is on her honeymoon in New York/Boston! How exciting! They should be getting back soon!

4. Father's day is Sunday! I love my Daddy! I think it is special to set aside a whole day to love on your Dad and show him how much you appreciate him.

5. It has been a CrAzYweek at work! Meetings, mailings, rearranging meetings! Whew. Glad it is Friday. TGIF!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Camping 101

1. Be sure to pack everything you own. You never know what you may need. I justify all this "stuff" in the car with this reasoning: When you go on a regular trip, you stay at a hotel. When you go camping, you have to bring the hotel with you! That means you have a lot more stuff!

2. Always keep your fishing bait alive! Now I have heard crickets like potaoes, but you just got to work with what you have. Don't ever try to tell me crickets don't like Cheetos!

3. Always take fun pictures of your activites! Here's Chris and I hiking 2.5 miles in Arkansas.

4. Do something you've never done. Neither one of us have ever kayaked. This adventure could have turned out a lot worse (like the boat flipping, or us drowning). But we stayed dry except when we intentionally got out and walked around. We also saw 3 deer on the bank, which was way cool!

5. Enjoy God's beautiful creations. These lillies were everywhere and were so pretty!!! They almost looked fake. The petals were so white and the middle was so yellow. Just beautiful.
Thank you God for a fun, safe camping trip!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend!

What a fabulous weekend it was! Friday the gang went to Mudbug Madness! The crawfish were good and expensive. But you mostly go for the atmosphere. We had fun but it was HOT!

Saturday, Chris and I went to Academy to scope out more camping supplies. We bought a compass, a water proof box ( I am sure we will need this in the canoe), a fan/night light, and a few other items. We are really excited to go camping this weekend! 3 and a half work days to go!

We then we to his Pe-Paws for a cook out. There was of course tons of food: brisket, chicken, corn on the cob, squash, broccoli, baked beans, and ice cream! I of course ate way too much. Chris and I also go to meet baby Landon, his cousin's new son. He is 3 weeks old today! He was precious!

Chris and I saw Shrek 3D Saturday night! Haha! It was funny but we were both tired. We went to a local restaurant and sat on the patio and had appetizers before the movie, and it was perfect outside! After the late movie we got back to my place and it was just about midnight. So that meant it was "officially" Chris's birthday. I conceded and let him open his present. He loved his Deadliest Warriors DVD and the Rangers v. Boston tickets I got him. I can't wait until August to go to American Idol and the Boston game!

Sunday was spent by the pool. Ahhhhh. If only for a couple of hours, it was nice. Actually it was HOT! We stayed in the pool more rather than laying out by it. Whew! We cleaned up and ate dinner with Chris's parents for his birthday. They gave him a GPS, which he loved! We rented a movie Sunday night, but of course I fell asleep. Oops.

Monday, I finished the movie and headed straight for the pool! We were out there from about 12:30 to 4:00. It was hot but so nice. I love being outdoors. Chris was there and a few of the girls came over to enjoy the sun and time off. Then Chris and I went to his parents because they grilled hamburgers. De-lish. Then back to my house to watch The Bachelorette with the girls

It was a great weekend! But it is important to not forget why we have this long weekend. Many thanks to those who serve in our armed forces. Without your dedication and sacrifice, we wouldn't be the great nation we are today. THANK YOU to our service men!