Thursday, June 10, 2010

Camping 101

1. Be sure to pack everything you own. You never know what you may need. I justify all this "stuff" in the car with this reasoning: When you go on a regular trip, you stay at a hotel. When you go camping, you have to bring the hotel with you! That means you have a lot more stuff!

2. Always keep your fishing bait alive! Now I have heard crickets like potaoes, but you just got to work with what you have. Don't ever try to tell me crickets don't like Cheetos!

3. Always take fun pictures of your activites! Here's Chris and I hiking 2.5 miles in Arkansas.

4. Do something you've never done. Neither one of us have ever kayaked. This adventure could have turned out a lot worse (like the boat flipping, or us drowning). But we stayed dry except when we intentionally got out and walked around. We also saw 3 deer on the bank, which was way cool!

5. Enjoy God's beautiful creations. These lillies were everywhere and were so pretty!!! They almost looked fake. The petals were so white and the middle was so yellow. Just beautiful.
Thank you God for a fun, safe camping trip!

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