Friday, January 29, 2010



I love Fridays. Remember back when we (or I) was a kid and every Friday night on ABC there were the TGIF shows? Like the good shows: Step-by-Step and Family Matters. Boy Meets World, Sabrina the Teen aged Witch, Hangin With Mr. Cooper! I mean, where is Mr. Cooper now? Ahhhh, those were the good ole days.

But even with the classics gone, I still love Fridays. One of my best friends from childhood has a blog as well and each (well most) Fridays she has a Friday Five. She list five, random, often good, things about her Friday. Now, I am in no way saying I will start doing this because as we all know I am not a dedicated blogger. (Getting better at it though, I'd like to think.) But even though today is raining and cold, I just feel good today and think it will be a good day! So without further Friday Five...

1. Today is my brother's birthday. He is 20 years old. He is growing up, and I know I might sound like his mother, but I don't want him to grow up. I like him young, sweet, and innocent. But I guess if he has to grow up, I'd say is doing a mighty fine job at it. He is a good kid with an even better heart. A little quiet (he didn't get the chance to talk much as a kid with such a vibrant sister), but is always thinking about something. A lot like Dad. Happy birthday bubba.

2. One good thing about this particular Friday, lunch date! I love lunch dates with Chris. Especially on "blah" days at work. Even though today is not a "blah" day, it will still be nice to escape the office for a bit and eat lunch him.

3. I love snacks. Both the verb and noun form. I love to snack on snacks. Yesterday for work we had a big meeting with cheese and fruit as snacks. We got to take the left overs. So I have been snacking on cheese and fruit and cracker snacks all morning. I'm going to ruin the purpose of my lunch date if I'm not careful.

4. After Friday comes Saturday. (Duh.) But I look forward every week to being able to sleep in on Saturday, even if "sleeping in" only means until 8:30. I thoroughly enjoy those extra 2 hours. I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow.

5. I have apparently been stalking Rachel's blog too much. But she blogged about this thing called SWAGBUCKS. You earn money for using their search engine. Now, Rachel is no fibber, so I believe her when she says it works and she earns her swagbucks. I thought I would give it a try since I Google, EVERYTHING. I'll have to give a report soon. I will say. They gave my 3 bucks to start with and I have already earned one this morning! We shall see...

I hope everyone has a GREAT Friday and great weekend!! :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Living History...

I wouldn't be a TRUE Saints fan (or a good blogger) if I didn't report on the Saints winning the NFC Championship and getting a bid to the SUPERBOWL!!! I mean seriously, the SuperBowl!!! I witnessed history last night. For the first time in franchise history, the New Orleans Saints are going to the playoffs! It was a great game and hard fought by both teams. Poor. old Brett Farve just needs to hang it up, again. But for real this time...

Two weeks is just toooooo long to wait to see my Saints play in the 'ship! I guess I will wait, and in the mean time think of all the fun Saints stuff I can get for the house, where I am sure I will be joined by my other Saints-crazed friends to watch the game!

I love Louisiana. I love New Orleans. I love our culture, our food, and our spirit. I am so excited for the state, the city, and the football team! A lot of pride comes with the win last night. I think Sean Payton said it best last night:
"This is for everybody in this city...This stadium use to have holes in it and use to be wet. It's not wet anymore. This is for the city of New Orleans. "
: taken Mardi Gras 2009. St. Charles Street- jbc.