Thursday, July 30, 2009

What's happening to America?

What the heck is going on in America!? This recession is getting a bit out of control and now all this healthcare talk?! I find it truly disheartening when I go out on a Wednesday night with friends and we start, not arguing because we were all definitely in agreement, but more like ranting about the "universal healthcare" trying to be forced upon us! I mean, when did healthcare reforms, Social Security and our grandparents Medicaid become standard casual conversations among young 20-something year old friends?! It's scary to think that, though we are adults now, we are still so young and are worried about the fact that we may not see our social security money the government is taking out of our checks NOW! The crazy big-wigs in Congress are voting on MY future and not doing a very good job!

While I did not vote for Obama, after he was elected I tried to keep an open mind and really hear the guy out. I will say that he is a much more eloquent speaker than Bush could ever be, but on that note- Hitler was a great speaker too. Now I am not comparing Obama to Hitler, because even I think that is a stretch, just their speaking abilities. Anywho, after really trying to be open minded and see both sides, I find it quite difficult to support anyone who will support abortions, give my hard earned money to those who are not working by choice, or try to universalize health care. This is AMERICA, home of the free land of the brave, not communist Germany!

Our country is in desperate need of leadership, good leadership that will take this country in better direction than it is currently going...and I don't think sitting around having a beer in the White House is going to help any! Figure it out!!

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