Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Halloween has come and gone and I think everyone had a GREAT night! Everyone came dressed in awesome costumes and good ole fun was had by everyone. The only way to truely describe Halloween is to see the pictures, so here are some of my favorite of the night...

To start off the weekend we went to the fair to see the Randy Rogers Band (one of my favorites). I haven't been to the revel in YEARS so it was fun to see the sights and enjoy a good concert.

These are my girls! My Favorites! My lifelines! In my opinion the cutest girls of the night ;) We have a flapper, a gansta, a baseball playa, Oktoberfest gal, and a cat!

You know you have seen the Six Flags commercial with the crazy old man dancing....yes, he was at the party! Haha! I loved his costume!

This is Amber, my lil gansta. I looooved the teardrops she put on her face. Thug life.

This is Krysta, my wittle kitty cat!

This is Josh, the creepy 80's gym teacher. HA!

And Andrew...the "oompah doopah dopity do" oompah loompah!

Probably one of the best of the night...Jeremey as Rick James!

Ridge as Joe Dirt and Jessica as a Flapper!

Also present that night: Hannah Monatana (a boy dressed as her...), Michael Jackson (red suite and sparkley glove), several firefighters, flight attendant, poison ivy, trailor trash, the 3 ninjas, Lil Wayne, Lady Gaga, THE Burger King, Nick Jonas, a bearded lady, a priest and Amish man...list goes on and on...

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