Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nothing but a number...

Age aint nothin but a number right? Sheesh, I hope so. Growing old is for the birds. But it happens to the best of us and this past Monday I turned 25. Yup, quarter life crisis. Yuck. But it was actually a really great day. It would have been even better if it wasn't a Monday and I didn't have to work. But I guess that is part of the getting old part, you have to work on your birthday. 

One thing I noticed and thought was funny, but the time I logged on my Facebook when I got to work just before 8, I already had 20+ birthday messages! That's how you know you (and your friends) are old. Everyone is awake and at work or getting ready for work. I remember when no one would check their Facebook til mid-morning or after lunch, because we were all sleeping, or... well just sleeping. we were in college and could sleep and relax. Not the case anymore. We are all getting old. Boo. 

I digress. Sunday when we got back from Houston, Chris and I went to dinner with my family at Outback. It was really yummy! Mom had cupcakes made and they made for a perfect dessert. 
My sassy cupcakes from Batter Up Bake Shop
After dinner at Outback. We.were.stuffed. 
On Monday I had a typical day at work. Chris picked me up and we went to lunch at Strawn's! One of my favorite places. I am obsessed with their cheeseburgers. And what better time to indulge than your birthday? And we even got a slice of pie....  
Strawn's strawberry pie. Delish! 
After lunch it was back to work, but I did get this little surprise... 
Roses delivered to work. He's the best.
All I wanted for my birthday was flowers and a massage. Well I went shopping in Houston, instead of the massage and Chris pulled through with the flowers! :) 

After work we headed to Crystin's house for an impromptu birthday party. It started as her dad having 90lbs. of crawfish that needed to be cooked and some how turned into everyone heading out there and ending with birthday cake at the end of the night! 
Perfect evening for a birthday crawfish boil!
Chris and I grubbin' on crawfish at Crystin's house. <3
The crawfish were so yummy and I had a great time with friends! It was a prefect way to spend my birthday. Here's to many more! 

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