Monday, October 22, 2012

A little wedding shower

I hosted a wedding shower for Kelli and Chris that are in our BGroup at church. My Chris was working, so he missed the party, but I think everything turned out great! Kelli's Chris has since been deployed, and when he gets back it will only be like 3 weeks til their wedding! So we knew we had to throw their shower ASAP! 

I don't know what got into me and my camera, but we took some great pictures that night!

E.J. and Katie
Chris, Brittany and Jennifer
Claire, Chantel, Megan and Kelli 
Tyler and Tori
Playing games 
Get a question wrong, shove a marshmellow in.
C.J. and Ashley
Jacie and Clint
Everyone brought food and drinks, which made it the easiest shower ever! All I did was clean the house! Can't beat that! 

We wish nothing but the best for Kelli and Chris! 
<3 this picture!

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