Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Up-date on life...

I have been slacking in my blogs lately, I know. So here is everything you ever wanted (or maybe didn't want) to know about life...

1. I finally finished a project I started for my grandparents. My grandfather is a WWII veteran and has had an extremely difficult time getting proper recognition for his service to our country. When the war was over, it was over. He just wanted to get home and apparently all the correct documentation was not in order. Well, he FINALLY received ALL of the metals he truly deserves. So after year of paper work, letters from his superiors, etc, we have the metals and my grandmother wanted everything put in a special place. So....

So I made a scrap book! Papaw when he was about 18!! These are all of the metals he received. Starting on the left: a good conduct type medal, the American campaign medal, the European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign medal and the one on the far right is the WWII victory medal. Papaw served in Normandy,Norhtern France,Rhineland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, Hurtgen Forest, Ardennes, Bulgen, and Chechoslovakia and was a solider in the Battle of the Bulge. He use to NEVER talk about it, but I mean who would? But he has slowly realized, if no one talks about we will forget. And forgetting about what these men did for us today is NOT an option. So thank the vets and soliders!!

2. I took up cake decorating! Ok, I've only done one so far and my mother was a tremendous help BUT it was soo fun and really not all thaaat hard. It was for Jessica's 21st birthday so I wanted it to be really cute, but I didn't want to have to pay a lot for it.

Taaaa-daaaaaa! I think it turned out quite cute! and I think Jess really loved it.
Happy birthday bestie! :)

3. I am completely done working at LSUS. We had our BIG event RiverBend Revue last Wednesday and that was my final day. The theme was Guys and Dolls, which is a casino/gangster theme. I worked the silent auction and thank goodness I have WONDERFUL friends who dressed up with my to play the part!! I thought we looked pretty cute and I think for the most part we had a good time!

4. So with no more job at LSUS, I began working FULL TIME at The Community Foundation. I have had a GREAT week so far! I am still learning and trying remember exactly how to enter the checks as a git to the right operating account or even if it's a donation of money it's not really a gift it is a non-gift???! Haha, yes with every new job there comes the little things you just gotta learn. But I know I will get it down eventually. But I did find out today, I get to do a design project!! I am super excited because I think we are going to order Adobe photoshop and InDesign and I can play and really do some fun stuff! I am really excited!!

5. I already blogged about Nathan and his race. Still heavy on my heart. He is doing so amazing but continue your prayers!

6. I started a Twitter...and I don't understand it at all!! Haha! I guess I will give it a few more days to figure it out and then I may just delete it.

7. I am actually thinking about giving up the ole Crackberry and switching to an iPhone. And if you know me, you know this is a big deal!! I am in love with Blackberry!! But I have been playing with the iPhone and it is really growing on me. So I think I am going to make the goes nothing..

Well I guess that's all for now. Probably the longest blog ever. Oh well, enjoy.

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