Thursday, March 17, 2011


My sweet kitty Ralph died yesterday. I am so sad, seeing as how he was the best cat EVER! He would snuggle up with you and then when he was done, he would just get up and walk away. He would always great me with a meow. He was getting old and I could tell he was sick so I guess it was just his time.

But Ralph didn't leave us without one last parting gift...(this is a little gross, but very funny)...

So yesterday morning Dad went into the garage and smelled...well, cat poop. He griped under his breath and began to look for it. He searched over the whole garage and could not find it! He determined it must be under one of the cars and he would get it after work. So when Mom left to run her errands, she smelled it too. She search everywhere and could not find it either; determined it must be under the car and would get it later. As she was backing out of the garage, she looked down at her hood............and there it was. Ralph left her one last mess- on top of her hood. At this point she just had to smile and laugh. She rinsed it off with a hose and went straight to the car wash. She asked for  extra air freshener. When they called her over to tell her the car was ready she noticed there was no air freshener at all. He apologized and so "Oh, yes ma'am you will need some. I smell something in there." Mom laughed and said, "Oh really? What does it smell like to you?" Sheepishly, he looked both ways and said, "Um, well, it smells like dog boo." My mom, being just the kind of person she is, laughs and says, "Well actually, it is cat boo." They both laugh as he puts the air freshener in the car. But the smell is still very strong even standing outside the car. Since Ralph left his prize so close to where the hood meets the windshield, it proceeded to drip down under the hood. It more or less landed on the air intake...wonderful. The car wash guys and mom had a good laugh. But then she said, "Well I guess I can't be too upset because he did pass away this morning." At this the carwasher stopped everything and said "Yo cat died this mornin?!" Mom laughed and said yes but everything's ok. I think he did feel a little bad, but he was nice about it and put extra air freshener.

But let me tell you, Ralph will be with his for many weeks to come. That smell is going to be hard to get out. Every time you turn the car on, it is like poop air being blown at your face. Disgusting. I sure will miss my Ralphie.

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