Sunday, March 20, 2011

That's what friends are for...

I have the best friends. We are always and will always be there for each other. Whether it is big issues like parents, money and love or small things like searching the city for the perfect nail polish. 

Saturday, my friends were there for me. Instead of sitting at a table for 10 by myself at a benefit ball, they got all dressed up and came with me! I am so appreciative that they took time to get fancy and come enjoy the night with me. 

Crystin, David, Me, Josh, Kendra, Abby, Ryan! 

Love my sweet friends so much! Abby and Ryan were already there, but I still love them too! 

Then after the ball, we went to meet Jessica. Because that's what friends do. She was out with a new guy and well, he needed our approval. So we walked next door to meet Jess. We approved and then went home. 

As friends we hang out with each others families and eat snow cones on gorgeous afternoons. 

As friends we text and call throughout the day for no reason in particular. 

As friends, we support each other. Even if we don't understand the situation or decision we want what makes us happy. 

As friends we get nails done together.

As friends we go out to dinner on Friday night, just because. 

As friends, no matter how long we go without seeing each other, when we finally do get back together, it will be just like old times. 

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