Tuesday, October 25, 2011

5K Madness!

Mom and I ran a 5K this weekend. It is definitely 5K season. There is one, sometimes 2 every Saturday from now through January! I doubt I will be participatin in all of those, but I hope to run in a few. The cooler weather makes running in the mornings AWESOME!

Mom and I ran the NO EXCUSES Anytime Fitness 5K. And I swear, just the name of the 5K hit me square between the eyes. But I promise, I always have an excuse for why I am not at the gym or out running. Always. And I would like to think they are pretty good excuses.

I saw the owner of the Anytime I used to work out at (pre-wedding), and it really makes me want to get back in there! He said he would give me a week, because I have an excuse (dog sitting). But after this week. It.is.on.

There is another 5K this weekend- the Pumpkin Run. Should be a good course and I hope to do well! We'll see if I can run the whole way again!   

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