Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bigger Picture

Generally, I plan my day with the given that my car is going to start that morning. That I am going to be able to zip off to work and go about my business. That plan only works...if my car starts. Can you see where this is going? Right, my car did not start this morning. Awesome.

Now if this was the first time this were to happen, I might handle it a little better. But this is the third time in a month and the second time in exactly two weeks this has happened. I also paid some one $50 to tell me nothing was wrong two weeks ago. So this morning when I went to the car and it did not even groan or attempt to start when I turned the key, I was a bit peeved.

I grumbled and whined and immediately begin to run through everything I was suppose to do today- if my car was working properly. How I need to get to work now and start the day, how I was supposed to go to the bank and deposit a check and pay a bill. How was supposed to... you get the point. As I grumbled, I stopped and thought, "Ok God, what are you trying to teach me here?" Patience, obviously.

But then I really began to think about it. Last night, Chris backed my car in. At the time it was so we could easily load and unload the car. In reality, it was so it would be easy to jump off in the morning when it was dead. At Target last night, I bought a bunch of lunch to-go soups. This was so I didn't have to buy lunch meat 2 days before I start housesitting and then it all go bad. In reality, it was so I would have a lunch to take to work today, since I would be without a car because it didn't start this morning. I had to call my Dad this morning, because of course Chris left to go to the rig at 4:30 a.m. and he took his truck keys with him. In reality, I called Dad because he could take me to work and was able to pick up the spare key to Chris's truck from Chris's mom who also works downtown.

You can't deny God has the bigger picture in mind. Sure, you could chalk it all up to coincidence. But not me. There's no way I could. I know my God is bigger.

Is my car still dead? Yes. But did God provide? YES!

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