Thursday, April 26, 2012

Gilbert and Church

A week or so ago, (I get so behind on blogging!) Chris and I and friends went to a FABULOUS country concert- Brantley Gilbert and Eric Church! It was such a good concert. We, of course, bought the tickets two days before the show. (We thought Chris would be out of town, but he wasn't!) I am SO glad we decided to buy the tickets because we both LOVE the artists and we would have SO regretted not going to see them! We had an absolute blast and I still think my voice is recovering from singing all the songs at the top of my lungs! 

Kendra and I on the way to the concert!

Chris and I waiting on the concert to start!
Brantley played first. (Well actually some band I have never heard of played first, so we skipped them.) Brantley was awesome and if I could change one thing, I wish he would have played more songs!! He was so good and I wish he would have played longer. 
Loved, loved, LOVED seeing Brantley!
Eric was next and he was just fantastic. He get SO into his music. The last time he played in Bossier, he broke his leg he was stomping the stage so hard!! Seriously! He didn't stop as much, but he just kicks his legs and you can just tell he loves what he is doing. It was awesome because we were having so much fun, but you could really tell HE was having so much fun too!! 

I guess since, guys don't have wardrobe changes, they settle for stage changes. Eric had numerous back drops while he played
Eric Church stage 1
Eric Church stage 2
Eric Church stage 3.
We had so much fun! There is just something special about throughly enjoying something together with your spouse, when you know they are having just as much fun as you are. :)

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