Sunday, April 22, 2012


Mom and I went on a quick trip to New Orleans this weekend for a wedding. Of course, we waited until the last minute to decide, but it all worked out and we left early Saturday morning to head down.
McDonald's breakfast...YUM 
We made it down and ate a quick lunch (linner? lunch/dinner) at Gumbo Shop. We heard they had great sauteed shrimp po-boys. It was definitely good, but we were picturing something different in our heads. 

We left there to walk back to the hotel, and were craving something sweet. We found a little coffee shop, and I honestly don't even remember the name. But it was local and they had some pastries and yummy coffee. Actually we had 2 chocolate cupcakes for $1.00! She was trying to sell them because she was going to have to throw them away. And we don't ever turn down a sale. :) They were really yummy and we have a praline latte that was to die for. SO good. It was cloudy and breezy outside, so hot coffee was perfect! 
at the coffee shop. Tried to get the streets in the background but it was too bright.
We got ready and headed to the wedding at the Windsor Court Hotel. We left to walk to the hotel about 45 minutes before it started. The wedding was 4 blocks away and we had on 4 inch heels; we weren't sure how long it would take us to walk. But we made excellent time and were seated with plenty of time to spare. 

As you can imagine, having a wedding in New Orleans, is extravagant. The wedding was lovely and officiated by the bride's uncle. The bride was so excited, we could here her giggle, laugh out loud and cry when she said her vows. It was special. 

The reception was on the 24th floor of the hotel and it was fabulous! When we got off the elevator, there was a tea and coffee bar by the cakes. Her cake was huuuuuge, but I think it had fake layers in it. It would have been ridiculous to have that much cake for the number of people there. 

Mom and I hit up the bar, for a strong water and then went to the photo booth. Mom had never done one and I think she loved it. We had to do it twice actually. The first time, there wasn't a single picture we posed correctly for. The pictures were terrible, so we had to do it again. Final results:

Then we went outside to see the view and take some pictures. We were pretty close to the river, so it was a pretty sight. 

The food was fabulous of course. There was crawfish risotto, sauteed shrimp, shrimp and grits, praline sweet potatoes, ham with biscuits and fried green tomatoes with sauce. Delish. And then, to top that off, there was a "cold bar," for lack of a better word. It was a huge ice sculpture with "Blood Mary Oyster Shooters," cheeses and fruits, and wait for it... a sushi bar! 
Oyster shooters and sushi
The guy was rollin' fish ALL night.
I was hesitant to try the sushi at first, but everyone was raving about it and EVERYone was having some. I went and got a few piece and it was SO GOOD! I made a second trip! I think my favorite part was the little packet of soy sauce!! 

Saturday, we of course got up and ate beignets at Cafe du Monde
You just can't beat that. 
We walked around the French market and then saw some US Navy ships docked on the river. We walked over and were going to take some pictures, then decided to take a tour. We went on the USS de Wert. It was so awesome, that it gets an entirely separate post! Stay tuned! 

We grabbed a quick lunch at Daisy Dukes on Carondolet and then headed home! We had a great, quick-trip to New Orleans. How can you NOT have fun when you're in the Big Easy? 

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