Friday, November 2, 2012

Confessional Friday

Confessional Friday 

1. I confess I am super-duper excited about the LSU-Alabama game!! I also confess I am super-duper nervous. I mean can anyone beat Alabama this year??? If anyone, it will be the Tigers! 
Watch this and try to tell me you're not fired up!? GEAUX TIGERS!
Also, did you see this? There's a lot riding on this game. Haha. 

2. I confess to the neighbor that "Boo-ed" our house, that trick-or-treaters took EVERYTHING you left for us on our porch. By the time I got home, all that was left we the tissue paper. Rumor has it there were some cute hand towels in the basket. Oh well. 

3. I confess I am already stressing about Christmas. I L-O-V-E Thanksgiving, but now that we have our own house to decorate and so many gifts to buy, I have mentally skipped Thanksgiving and am already trying to save for Christmas. I hate that Christmas turns into such a booger when it really begin so simply in a barn in a manger. 

4. That being said about Christmas, I confess I can't wait for Thanksgiving!!! I adore Thanksgiving! I love family time, comfy clothes and food! 

5. I confess I worked my tail of this week and am ready to go home. TGIF

What are your confessions?

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