Sunday, November 4, 2012

Decorated Home

I have been asked only a couple hundred times to put up pictures of the house now that it has our "stuff" in it. [Shout out Ramona.] You can review here what all the rooms look like empty right before we closed on the house. So without further ado here's our stuff, and if I can remember where we got it:

The mantel/fireplace/shelves before:

And after:
I've got my fall decorations up. I found those precious little scarecrows at Tuesday Morning for $6! And the tin pumpkin/lanterns things are from Target. I used candles from our wedding in the pumpkins and in some of the other lanterns on the shelves. I got the tall vases on the mantel from Libby Glass outlet and the grass/branches (I don't know what it's called?) are from Hobby Lobby. The shelves are filled with candles, picture frames, various lanterns and photo albums. The shelves are abnormally large and deep so it takes a lot to fill them up!
The couch and the chair that the hunk is sittin in came from Haverty's. The two little chairs by the window are from Red Door. 

This is the back wall of the living room. The table is from World Market. Didn't find it on sale, but it wasn't terribly expensive. Yes, that is a Pintrest project come to life on the wall.

Chris brought me home a great pallet from the rig. I sanded that bad boy down and then stained it. I We used a French Cleat to hang it up and ta-da! I think I want to stick a little green vine up there and let it grow. I'll get to that one day.

So here is a picture of the living room and kitchen from the backdoor BEFORE: 

And After:
The bird cage on the top left looks tiny in the pic, but it is actually a pretty decent size. I purchased it at Red Door and it has pretty purple and white flowers "growing" in it. The shelves at the top on the right are all LSU decorations.

This is the table we got that is in the little nook in the kitchen. Love the chairs. 

This is the "Dining Room." We use that term loosely, as there is no dining room table. Everything in this room came from the townhouse and was bought several years ago. Maybe I should start calling this the reading room. 
This is the guest bath. Most of this came from the townhouse as well- the curtain, towels and fleur de lis. Mom bought me the little sink set at TJ Maxx. Should have taken a close up of that. 

 Guest bedroom one. Chris has just made himself at home here. This is "his room," or the hunting room. Whatever. It is normally quite clean, but he had just got back from hunting. All this furniture came from his room at his parents.
 Guest room 2, "my room." This is all furniture from my town house. And the pics were in my room at the townhouse. It's like we have a girl and boy room for our children that we don't have. Lol.
And this is our master bedroom (please excuse my 80's Halloween costume on the bed). The walls in here are still a bit bare. But my favorite thing in here are the lamps! I just love them! They are mercury glass with burlap shades and like burlap flowers. Presh! - A Hobby Lobby find.  

So there you have it. That's the major parts of the house. I need to take some more detailed pictures of the little things in the house. I'll get to the one day....