Saturday, December 8, 2012


Well I experienced my first trip to Canton. Canton, if you don't know, is a HUGE outdoor market for anything and everything: antiques, furniture, crafts, decorations, ribbons, even animals! When I say it is huge, it is huge!!!!! I probably didn't even see half of it! But I did get some good deals. 

This was my first purchase of the day: 

Is that not precious?! I just loved it. 
I chose the one above instead of the big Nativity scene, because I figured my handy husband could build the "barn" if I ever needed him to. :)

There were also vendors with these awesome doors:

I know that may sound weird, but I loved the white one in the back. It was so pretty. Would be perfect for type of decoration. Just not sure what... But I am thinking on it.

 I also got these great little pillows:
This one, obviously, says Merry Christmas. And I got another that say Joy. The total for the 2 was $25! She was having a one hour sale, so I got them for a deal!

Then I got the beautiful birdhouse, sorta:
I saw this birdhouse and just loved it. My mom's best friend, who is also my other mother, came on the trip too and she said she would get it for me for Christmas! So I technically do not have the birdhouse yet, because it is under her tree. But I will have it soon! :) 

I also got these cute letters. I know they sell letters like this at Hobby Lobby, but they never have ones big enough for what I want to do. So I bought these: 
I bought a big S and then a smaller J and C and I am going to hang our monogram above our bed. I even did the crackle painting myself! But I have a whole other post planned for where my Pinterest projects have come to life!

I had a great time in Canton, but I'm not going to lie, I was exhausted. I also got up at 6:20 a.m on a Saturday to drive over there!!! TOO early for Saturday! But it was a great trip and I am so glad I got some great things for the house! 


  1. Awe aren't you the cutest! Love the monogram idea! It is so hard for me not to crackle paint everything I own. :)

    XOXO, Elle