Thursday, December 27, 2012

Saw it. Pinned it. Did it.

What a great link up! I was already planning a post about all my recent Pinterest projects, so this is perfect!
Pinterest exploded in my garage a couple of weeks month ago. First I made the tomato planter Christmas trees.
The planters were $5.99 each at Home Depot and I used some lights Chris's parents had given us. I bought matching bells for the top of "tree." The planter in front of it, was a gift from my mom- which was one of her Pinterest projects: wooden box, sprayed with chalkboard spray paint. I wrote Merry Christmas on the box. Then put my Black Friday $0.99 poinsettias in the planter. Ta-da! 
My next project is our monogram above our bed. I bought these big letters on my recent Canton Trip. I used left over paint from when we built the house, so no cost there! The I purchased the crackle paint. Using the crackle paint was so fun! I just followed the directions on the bottle and it turned out great! I haven't actually hung my letters, but I will get to that eventually. 
Letters: $28.15
Crackle: $ 16.49 (1 Quart) - plenty left to crackle everything else! 

Finally, the grandiose Pinterest project, our new living room table! Stay tuned... 

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