Friday, December 28, 2012

New table

A coupe of weeks months ago I came across this on Pinterest:

I thought: I need a smallish table in the living room. And I don't want to spend a lot of money. And I could do that, with a little technical assistance. 

So here was my shopping list:
6 crates @ $12.99: $77.94
7 legs @ $5.98: $41.65
Plywood: $24.38
Screws: 5.58
Stain: $7.77
Paintbrush: $2.96
TOTAL: $160.28
(Don'y worry, like any other project I made about 37534857 trips to Lowes, Home Depot and Micahels.)

Testing it out in the store.
The Pinterest picture showed a square table, made with 4 crates. We needed something a little longer, and not so square. So We added two extra crates to make a rectangle.

Table legs, sold individually at Lowes/Home Depot
After the stain
My assistance, helping piece it together. 

We put the crates together and then took exact measurements. We went to Home Depot to get an exact piece of plywood to use as a base. We stained it as well, since you can see it through the slates in the crates. So Chris screwed in the base plywood, then we added the legs. We put 3 down each side and one in the center for support.

I am still deciding what to put in the middle. My lovely helper is going to help be build the center up to be a little more shallow and then I can put something in there. A vase? An arrangement? Candles? Time will tell! 

The project really was pretty simple. As long as your can semi- work with tools and have some help putting it together, you'll have a new table in no time!

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