Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Five

1. I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. Scary, I know. I feel like a quarter life crisis is around the corner. (Dramatic, maybe.) I'm finally hitting that "I'm out of college, now what" phase. I have 4 classes of my Master's left. Then what?

2. Speaking of Master's, the Holy Grail of golf tournaments is being played in the Holy Land of Augusta, Georgia (At least that's what Dad always says). I am by no means a golfer, and at times it can be the most boring thing ever, but I do enjoy it. I love to be outside and watch Dad and brother play. Dad and I went to the Zurich Classic in New Orleans last year and I loved it! We might go again this year, we will have to see. I would love to go to the Master's but I think Mom has dibs on the next trip to Augusta.

3. Tonight I am going to the Hank Williams, Jr. concert. Eric Church, who I love, and Jamey Johnson will be opening. I think the last two names are the only reason I am going. I like country music and all, but Hank Williams, Jr?? A little too old school country for me. But I'm sure we will have fun anyway.

4. Before the concert tonight, I need to finish writing an 8-10 page paper. I'm halfway through page 1..oops. Because if I don't finish it I will have to be completely lame and come home on a Friday night and finish it. Woo. Hooo.

5. I have been enjoying the spring weather this week. I ate dinner outside Monday. Well we were going to eat on the patio at the table but it was yellow. Seriously, yellow because it was covered in pollen. So we moved to the front yard and ate on the tailgate of the truck. I just love being outside in warm weather, just soaking it up. We had a nice little spring shower Wednesday to wash away the pollen. Even I can appreciate a good thunderstorm.

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