Thursday, April 22, 2010

Why I love my friends

This past weekend the girls and I took off on a trip to Baton Rouge and New Orleans. We stayed in BR Friday night then headed to Nola Saturday morning to watch baseball games and shop and eat and have fun!

After the baseball games we finally got to our hotel about 8:00 and were starving. We decided to go eat "real quick," then go back to the hotel to get ready and head back out. After numerous failed attempts to find a place to eat, we settled on the famous New Orleans eatery of... Arby's. Yeah I know, real exciting. But it was good enough for us and we just wanted to eat.

After we got out food, we dived right in and started eating. Not even half way through our meal a homeless woman, came in and sat right next to us. Out of all the tables in the completely empty Arby's, she sat next to us. We all noticed and took note of how sad it was. Two police officers walked in and the lady jumped up to get ketchup and such like she was a paying customer. She didn't want to get in trouble and if ketchup was all she was going to get for the evening she was ok with that.

About that time, Jessica said there was no way she could finish her sandwich, so she would give it to her. At the same time, Crystin and Amber said "I was thinking the exact same thing!" Crystin went ahead and gave the lady her fries. She said thank you and began to eat them. After this the lady had another homeless friend walk in. She immediately asked if he would like some and began to share. This lady, who clearly on the outside has next to nothing, offered him her food that was just given to her! It is extremely humbling to see her share what little she had, when it can be so difficult for us to share even a little when we have all the resources in the world! Our very, very tender hearted friend Jessica shed a few tears. Ok, no, she was seriously crying. And we were seriously trying not to laugh at her. The situation was sad and what we did was nice but that many tears didn't need to be shed. We tried to make light of the situation and cheer Jess back up but she had to get out there. We picked at Jessica the rest of the weekend for tearing up, but she "just couldn't help it!" No one ate much else and before we left we gave her another container of fries, and the rest of Jessica's and Amber's sandwhich.

I don't tell this story to show off or brag about what we did. Because there is really no need in that. It really was nothing big, just a small gesture of giving. I tell this story because I am proud to have these ladies as my friends. I really played no part in the story. I was more of an observer, if anything. It was humbling to watch my friends give and care in such the way they did. None of us are perfect, but I know we did the right thing that night. And wouldn't this world be so much better if people just did the right thing?

I love these girls and so thankful for their loving hearts!

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