Thursday, September 16, 2010


I have several countdowns going on right now:

1 day until Chris is home for the weekend!

2 days until a real date night!

5 days until my last day at The Foundation!

6 days until my first day at LSUS!

7 days until Autumn begins (probably doesn't mean it will be cooler, but oh well.)
41 days until Chris comes home for GOOD!

70 days until Thanksgiving! (my favorite holiday!)

79 days until the last day of class for this semester!

84 days until Chris and I have been dating for a whole year!

And 100 days until Christmas!!

Among all these count downs there are LSU Football games AND Saints Football games!

Disclaimer- please don't go to your calendar and check my counting. I have never claimed to be a mathematical wizard. Just know I am close.

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