Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A new casa

Welp, Chris and I took a HUGE step on 10/31/11....we signed a contract on a lot for a house!!! WAHOO!!! House hunting is not fun and I am so glad the process is o-v-e-r!

So, how did all of this happen? Well, let me tell you. 

Chris and I took a Sunday afternoon to drive alllllll over Bossier to look at houses. We had pretty much exhausted all of Shreveport, so we look across the river. We went from South Bossier to Haughton, to North Bossier. We wandered through the back roads of north Bossier and ended up in our (soon to be) neighborhood. After a long chat and lots of questions with Russell, we found a lot and house plan!

We did go home and sleep on it and the next day 10/31/11 (I wrote this date a million times) we signed the contract on a lot! Naturally, after we signed we went to celebrate! ...We ate dinner at Subway! Come on people, we are on a budget now! ;)

Soon to be home!
I never thought I would be moving across the river. But when we got there, and we walked out to the lot that would be ours, everything just felt right. You pray and you wish and you hope and you pray a little more that you make the right decisions. Not just for right now, but for the future. Everything just felt, right- for now and later. (You can see the elementary school from the front yard ;)) I had no apprehensions after talking with Russell and Chris had all (of his MANY) questions answered. It just seems right and all the pieces are falling into place. I continue to pray that the townhouse is rented/sold and that the home buying process continues. We were approved for our loan and we are well on our way! 

Can't wait to start building!! Pictures to come!! 

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