Saturday, November 19, 2011

Selection Day

Last Wednesday, Chris and I went to the new neighborhood to meet with Russell and have "selection day." Also known as the longest day of my life!!

This is the day you pick out every little detail of your house. Starting from the top:

  • roof color
  • brick color
  • paint color for all rooms
  • carpet color, hardwood color 
  • cabinets
  • sinks
  • faucets
  • tile
  • grout
  • knobs
  • doors
  • garage- color and windows

Well actually it did end, FIVE (5) hours later. WHEW!! We were both exhausted. BUT we got everything picked out. We are still waiting on a few custom change orders to be priced, but then we are good to go!

The section of the neighborhood where our house will be built is brand new- like no streets new. So right now, we are waiting on streets and then they will start the house! 

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