Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tis the Season

Ahhh, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Followed by Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the full-on Christmas season!

Of course, this is one of my favorite times of the year- for many reasons.

One, I love food. Good food. Food made by my family and friends and enjoyed with family and friends. So naturally, this is a great time of the year.

I like the cooler weather the season brings. As I get older, I like the colder weather. Hot weather...well, it's just too hot. Ick. (But don't let me fool you, I do like to get my tan on at the beach).

I also like this time because it brings me back to when Chris and I first met and then a year later when we were engaged. I originally won him over with my pumpkin pie. How could he resist? :)

Any who... the what I am thankful post will come later. Back to Tis the Season...

Tis the Season to COOK! To cook all things yummy and fattening and scrumptious and not feel bad about it!!

Rolo Turtles!
I will be making these little beauts again this year. The most delicious and easy snack ever! I made them for a gals Christmas get-together a couple of years ago and they were a hit!!
Whatcha need:
  • Some form of mini pretzels... I just use the mini twists. But I have seen the circes (I feel like the chocolate would melt all the way through though.)
  • A bag of rolos. This is the most time consuming part, because you have to unwrap all those suckers!
  • And halved pecans. Which seem to get astronomically expensive this time of year. If you are a Southern lady like myself, try to pick some off the ground! (Though shamefully I paid the astronomical price for mine)
  • Wax paper! Don't forget this part!
Lay out the wax paper on a cookie sheet cram as many pretzels on there as you can and top with the rolo. Pop them in the oven heated at about 300 degrees, and let them "cook" for about 4  minutes. Take them out and immediately smoosh (that's a fancy cooking term) a pecan half on top of the rolo. Let them set for a few minutes and then you can peel them right off the wax paper! They make perfect travel treats for any occasion.

What else am I making? Thanks for asking. I am also making sausage balls. Another classic that can't go wrong.

  • 2 cups of bisquik
  • About 2 cups of sharp cheddar cheese
  • And a pound of sausage (I am going to attempt these with deer sausage, should be less fattening because deer has less fat than beef, but...they may not hold together because of the lack of fat. We shall see.)
Dump, (another fancy cooking term) dump everything in a bowl. get your hands dirty and mix and knead it all together. Roll out in to 1 inch balls. Place in a oven pre-heated at 350. bake 20-25. Look for that golden brown color. Voilà! Yumminess.

Other dishes to be made? Pumpkin pie, but I vary the recipe every time I make it because I can never remember exactly what I did the time before. But I never get complaints. Deviled eggs, another one that changes everytime. You know, you just put a couple of scoops of mayo a dollop of mustard. Garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper, a little Tony's for spice and a little sweet relish- sometimes, just the relish juice. Mix together, BAM! A deviled egg. Easy peasy.

I'm sure Mom will be whipping up some treats that I will help her with too. Can't wait to stuff my face!!

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