Friday, March 23, 2012

March Miracles!

Well March is more than half over and has been mostly uneventful on the home front until this week. (At work, things have been absolutely insane since January. I am not exaggerating). 

But Chris and I visited the home site last night and look what we found! A March Miracle! 
The formations! 
A sign of progress!
Our big pile of dirt they will pack down before Foundation.
In other news, Chris and I went to eat at Newk's by our new house and in the same little strip center I saw this: 
IZZOS! Probably the ONLY thing I miss from Baton Rouge!
IZZO'S is coming soon!! I was ecstatic! I LOVE this place. As you read in the caption, it is probably one of the only things I actually miss about living in Baton Rouge. I used to eat here all the time when I was a freshman at LSU and now there will be one here!! And soooo close to our new house! I can't wait!! That's March Miracle #2

Also, March Miracle #3, (and one that is probably the closest to an actual miracle) PaPaw had his pacemaker removed and a temporary one put in. He has had SO much trouble with the old one; fighting infections and it FALLING OUT! Yes, you read right. It actually fell out and Grammy had to put it back in. Lawd. He's been fighting with it for about 2 years now. So they took it out, added a temp one and tomorrow will go put in a permanent one on the other side. There was great risk in removing the old one, so we are so thankful that surgery went well. Just praying the next surgery will be just as successful!! 

We are having beautiful weather right now!! Ready to enjoy the weekend!  

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