Monday, March 5, 2012

Valentine's Day

I realize it is already March, but life happens and I get side tracked from the blog occasionally. 

Anywho, Chris and I had a lovely Valentine's Day as a married couple! I had a meeting on actual Valentine's Day (seriously Junior League), but it actually turned out for the better for several reasons. 

1. We went to Bella Fresca on a Monday. So we skipped the crazy crowds of actual Valentine's Day. 

2. We didn't have to order from the pre-set dinner menu. Most restaurants limit the menu on big holidays to make preparing the food easier. If you go the day before, you can have whatever you want! 

3. And finally, on the Valentine's night when everyone else was rushing out to dinner, I picked up Pie Works on the way home and we had a nice lil pizza date at home. 

At Bella Fresca. SO yummy! 

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