Thursday, March 15, 2012

Superior Sightings

For Chris' Mom's birthday we all went (minus Chris) to Superior Bar and Grill. This is her most favorite restaurants, and really one of mine and Chris' too. It is pretty much a Shreveport landmark and has been around forever! 

When you go to Superior there are a couple things that you just need to know. 

  1. There will be a wait. Always. And it will always be crowded. It maybe be 20 minutes it may be 2 hours. Go early. 
  2. You will always have a fun story to tell when you leave. Always.
  3. You will see some of the strangest things you will ever see in a lifetime at Superior. Especially on a Friday or Saturday night. But sometimes, even at Sunday lunch. 

Now that you know those ground rules, here is a list of the crazies we saw that night. 

  • See through leggings
  • Leggings worn as pants (this is a serious no-no, especially when you have large assets)
  • Man bent over and ripped pants.
  • People from out of town came out saying, "This place is insane!!" They obviously didn't see my ground rules.
  • There were a number of black cowboys. Nothing wrong with this, just a strange sighting in North Louisiana
  • A girls butt ate her dress. Think about it. Her butt crack was hungry. 
  • A 50+ year old couple making out. Full.on.make.out. Ick.
  • While waiting in line for the bathroom, there was a lady standing next to the wall. I asked if she was in line. She replied, "No. I lost my friend and I am pretty sure she is in the first stall." We began calling her name and got a faint whimper from the first stall. So she was a little sick and shaken up, but she was "OK" we were told...
  • We had been waiting about 45 minutes. And three guys came to stand next to Donna and I. They began debating whether they wanted to wait or not. They had a 2 hours wait (which more than likely meant 3). We chatted with them and when we told them how long they had been there, they said there was no way they were going to stand and wait that long. They decided to go gamble and then come back. They took their margaritas, chips and hot sauce bowl and headed to the car. Hours later as we finished up our meal, they were seated next to us!! We asked how they did at the casino, they said not too hot but they all looked pretty drunk. So maybe they had a good time any way? I really just wanted to ask if they returned the chip basket and hot sauce bowl.
I didn't get any pictures that night, but we sure did have a grand ole time! Never fails when you dine at Superior! 

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