Thursday, March 29, 2012

Workin' Hard for the Money

When I said my job was in.sane. last week, that was before this happened:

KTBS- LSUS Power Outage:

KSLA- LSU Shreveport Closed Due to Power Outage

KTAL- LSU Shreveport still without paper

I couldn't find all the video clips, but you get the point. Can we say nightmare? Unexpectedly losing power for an unknown amount of time with NO way to communicate that to anyone, is the definition of a crisis. I don't think anyone honestly gets how much we rely on electricity and technology. And what do you do when you lose both?!

I'd say I was thrown head first into this crisis, and while it is not over yet, I'd say we are going to come out on the other side looking pretty good. I did a total of 5 television interviews and 2 radio station phone interviews. And I am sure when all the power is back, I will do some more. It's been a wild week, but I am enjoying my little spring break. (But don't think I have been totally off while the school is closed, I have still been working.)

I do not think for one second that this was not totally God at work. With all the other insanity going on at work (that I can't really talk about), He knew we needed a break. Or at least he knew our office needed a break. Every day our brains are being pushed to the max. It was time for a rest.

Thanks for the vacay God. You always know when I need it.


  1. That's crazy. You are so professional, my dear, and handeled it with grace. It's kinda weird to see little Jau-fer on TV. :-) Also - I can't believe you had to put your personal e-mail address out there. That's kind of annoying. Part of the job, though, huh?

    1. Yeah, I put the email in there because at the time that was my only way to communicate. But I didn't think they would publish it, or send it out in a TEXT MESSAGE to ALL their subscribers!!! Yeah... but no spam yet! :)