Monday, August 17, 2009

I think you under estimate my sneaky-ness...

That is one of my favorite lines from an Adam Sandler movie "Mr. Deeds." I like to say it quite frequently, because in all honesty I am not a good liar. I either feel bad and tell the truth in the end or it is just written all over my face that I am lying. Buuuuuut I do like to have a little sneaky fun, when I know it's all fun and games and no one will get hurt.

With that being said I was enlisted to help pull of a lil decorating stunt today. My coworker, Jennifer, had her birthday Saturday. Within their group of friend they like to "decorate" for each other's birthdays. (I use this term loosely because it is more like throwing confetti, balloons, streamers, etc EVERYWHERE!) Jennifer and Susie "decorated" Eric's kitchen most recently; so it was payback time for Jenn.
Originally we were going to get her office, but staff meeting was toooo long and I couldn't distract her for Eric to get in. So, I suggested her car. During staff meeting, I said I had to give something to my mom real quick, and I snuck in her office and grabbed her keys and tape, and RAN downstairs to the parking lot. We used 2 ENTIRE rolls of streamers and I don't even want to know how much confetti! We made quite the "decoration!"
BUT then I get back to the meeting and Eric says "I forgot to take pictures!" At this point I am sweating and thinking, "You have got to be kidding me Eric!" So after staff meeting, Jennifer went to get water...I snuck back in her office, grabbed her keys AGAIN, and my camera, went back to the parking lot and took a few pics. I'd say it was worth it because these are great pictures!
Now I realize that by helping Eric, my name is now on the "payback" list. YIKES! Better watch my back!

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