Monday, August 23, 2010

First day of school...

Man, the first day of school sure ain't like it use to be! Me, being the weird overly organized, teacher's pet, busy body, l-o-v-e-d the first day of school! New outfit, new teacher, new classroom, new adventures! And though I always acted like I disliked it, I secretly loved having Mom take my picture on the first day! (Well, she probably knew all along that I liked it. I have never been shy of the camera) I remember my first day at LSU I even sent her a picture of what I wore. Ha!

The good ole days:
I used to LOVE going to shop for school supplies. In elementary school, you could get your school supply list before school actually started. And oh how I loved the day we would go shop for it all! What is it about picking out new pencils, 5 different color folders (with and without brads), a red pen, one highlighter, and wide ruled paper that is SO exciting to me? I don't know know what it it but it gets me every time! I will probably suck the fun out of it for my kids, because I will be having all the fun picking out their new folders, etc.

Then in middle school and high school you find out your supplies the first day of class. This was me: you bring one notebook and the coolest pen you could find. Then go to each class and write down what is needed for each. Then at the end of the day write a new list of exactly how much you need of each item. (4 folders, 2 binders, 3 highlighters...) Then you can have a successful back-to-school shopping experience.

Now days:
$100 just on the book for the class! and then I don't even get cool pens and notebooks, because everything is on the computer and on-line! Sad day.

Today is my first day of my last Fall semester I will ever have!! How exciting! But it is just not the same as the good ole days...

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