Sunday, August 1, 2010

Viva la Mexico!

I guess now would be as good as a time as any to talk about my Mexico trip. This post is only....3 weeks late. But I think it is a perfect time to share because the Coro Unido Juvenil (The United Youth Choir), from Cordoba, Mexico is in town all week to minister to Hispanics in the area in need of a church home. Recently my church has started a Hispanic service, because lets just face it, the Hispanic population is growing and they need a place to worship just like the rest of us.

This choir is such a blessing in so many ways. When I was in 11th grade our church choir went to Mexico and sang with this choir and it was AMAZING! It was awesome to hear our voices unite as one to worship. We learned to sing Spanish songs and they learned English songs. Awesome is the only way to describe it.

Any who, the choir is here this week and will be serving in Shreveport and making a trip to Dallas to minister there. They can really reach out to the Hispanic community in a way we never can. Pray for them. Pray for traveling safety, pray for the hearts of the people they will encounter. Pray for their voices- as they will be singing a concert every night this week. Pray for strength through out the week- they drove 2 days on a bus to get here! Pray for their hearts as well, because I have learned first hand, when you are working to bless others, some of the most work can be done in your own heart.

SO, Mexico trip this year. It's hard to really put into words how amazing the trip is- every year. Each year it is different, and each year it is wonderful. You can really learn a lot about yourself and your relationship with God. This year was the same in that: I was in the same group as last year with one added member - another Jennifer! We had the same doctor which is really nice because we already know his system and how he likes to handle a clinic. We have beans every morning for breakfast. And some for of chicken for lunch. We had a clinic at the compound on Friday like last year. It was the same system as last year- each group goes to a different town where a church or mission is trying to be started. We give medical care but we are really there to share more than that. We want them to know that any help we give now is temporary, but there is a greater gift that will last eternally. Those are the sames that happen every year.

Here are the differents:

We go to go to the mountains this year! This was my first time to go into the mountains. We had to ride in trucks rather than a bus...

We had a bird's eye view of Mount Orizaba! Beautiful! You cannot doubt there is a God when you see His mighty hand in the nature of Mexico.

On another day, I saw the biggest pig of my LIFE...

Mom and I found a baby we wanted to take home with us. She was a little baby from the orphanage, which is terribly sad but made it all too real to mom and I that we could take her home...

But the best difference that happened this year was something I witnessed. The young boy in the picture below gave his life to Christ. Mary, the lady in the middle is a precious lady that lives at the compound and has translated for the medical team for years. We went on the street to give away some candy, hats, combs, etc and ended up having a small service on the corner of the street. Mary was ahhh-mazing. She really spoke to the children and let them know that they are special and someone does care for them! This little boy took a leap of faith and was the only one to come forward and make that commitment. I am so proud of him and continue to pray for him and his family as he grows in Christ.

So this year in Mexico was of course just as amazing as the previous years but in it's own special way.

SO, all that to say I am so excited to have the Coro Unido Juvenil in Shreveport this week!! Tonight was such an honor and pleasure to serve them dinner! They first sang at church, which was wonderful, and then we went to Brooke's house to have dinner. They all sat at tables and we serve up big plates of lasagna, salad, bread and SWEET TEA!! Sweet tea is a special treat for them because they don't have it in Mexico! It was great to give something back to them when they do so much for us when we are in Mexico. And I got to spend a lot of time with my sweet friend Esther!

And of course, I think pictures can always tell better stories than I could ever put into words...

Clinic in the Mountains:

Around the Compound:

Worm pills table:

Eye glasses:


In the USA:
Beto and I:

Esther and I:

Some of the group!:

Other part the group enjoying the night!:

It was so wonderful to have my friends here with me in the US!! I am so thankful they could make the trip and hope you will keep them in your prayers throughout the week.

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