Monday, August 9, 2010

Houston Weekend: American Idol

Chris and I did not run while we were in Houston this weekend. I know, I know! Shame on me! But we had lots of fun relaxing and poking around The Woodlands.

We ate at Landry's Seafood Friday night and it was delish! Chris got crab legs that were huge! He was so happy to eat some good crab! We tried to go to the mall after that, but they were closed. Boo.

We woke up oddly early on Saturday, but had yummy Texas shaped waffles for breakfast! Then I took him to my old house and elementary school in Spring. It was neat to see the house and see how BIG Spring is now! My old neighborhood has probably tripled in size!
My house in Spring!

We made it to the mall and entered one of my favorite stores... Forever 21! Apparently this was the opening weekend of this location. It is the biggest Forever 21 in TEXAS! When I say it was over-whelming to walk into this store, that doesn't even begin to describe it. I tried on 2 things and ended up putting them back and only got a pair of sunglasses, for my Mom! There were clothes EVERYWHERE!!! As we were leaving I saw this:
Yes that is a REAL DJ IN the store!!! It was like a club in there!

We then walked through Market Street. This cool place in The Woodlands with neat/different stores. We found a GREAT sushi restaurant for lunch! I could sense Chris was over the whole shopping thing so we went back to the hotel for swimming! We laid out and swam. We raced in the pool. And Chris was picking me up and throwing me! We even had a hand stand contest! We were like little kids! There were 2 little boys and 2 little girls in the pool too. Chris and I got out our football and suddenly we made 4 new friends! We played catch with them for about 45 mins! Ha! Chris and I never really met strangers :)

We went to dinner at an Italian place in Market Street called Grotto. It was really yummy! And we made it out just in time to catch a bike ride to the concert and see the opening act! The concert was great. Each artist sang 2 to 3 songs each. I was singing my little heart out! Only down side: it was HOT! It was in an outdoor pavilion and I was seriously sweating A LOT! But we had fun! :)
Our bike taxi/chariot ride

Sunday we got up and made our way back to Shreveport to see the Mexican choir's last performance. And I even snuck in a nap before that!

It was a fun weekend! And the best part, we are doing it all over in Dallas next weekend! Except we are going to the Ranger's game instead of a concert!

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