Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A week (and blog) just for Chris

I think I mentioned before that Chris is leaving for 10 weeks to go to Haliburton's Mud Engineering School in Houston. His first day of school is Monday!!! So I wanted this week to be just for him. He will be coming home on the weekends when he can, but it will only be for 2 days so that doesn't really count.

His week of fun actually started last Saturday when we went to the Boston v. Rangers came in Arlington. We had SO much fun! It was sooooo hot, but my little ice cream in a helmet helped! The Red Sox won (which I has happy about)! Chris didn't mind too much that the Rangers lost. He had a great time though! And Nolan Ryan was even there!

Then Sunday we went to Six Flags! It was soooo hot there too, but we managed. We rode all the rides we wanted and hardly had to wait in any lines! Chris ate about 6 "Pink Things." I had never been exposed to the "wonder" of a this treat, but these were his favorite thing at the park!

Monday we ate dinner at his parent's house. It is usually a Sunday tradition, but since we were at Six Flags we moved it to Monday. I love eating there on Sundays so I know Chris enjoys it too.
Tuesday we ate at Quinzos for dinner, another one of Chris's favorite things. We ate there and then saw The Expendables. Wow. SUCH a guy movie. I swore up and down I was not going to go see that, but I did. But ONLY because Chris wanted to and it is his last week here. Probably the most manly movie I have ever seen. Look at the movie poster (more specifically the brutes in it!):
Wednesday I think we will go see The Other Guys. I know that going to the movies doesn't sound like something too spectacular, but for Chris, it is. Ha! Poor kid looooves going to the movies and me- not so much. I just can't sit still that long. And to only focus on one thing (the movie I am watching) is practically impossible for me to do. So a week of going to the movies, and especially the movies HE wants to see is perfect. The Other Guys is a Will Ferrell comedy so I think it may be a little more bearable.

Thursday maybe I'll cook dinner and we can see a late movie. Yes another movie. This time, Dinner for Schmucks. This one actually looks stinkin funny and I want to see. So maybe that will be the agenda Thursday.

Friday. Chris loves bowling. Like LOVES it. So maybe a little dinner and bowling shall be in order! He doesn't even have to glow-in-the-dark bowl. Just the cheap $4.00 game bowling night suites him just fine.

Saturday will be a fun day! (Or at least to me) We are going to cook dinner at my parents house for our families! I love to cook and I think Chris does too. (well actually he just like to grill) But his parents and sister, my parents and brother (and maybe gf) are going to come over and eat our feast! Chris wants to cook duck and/or quail and steaks. I will let him handle that department. I haven't decided on my part. I'm thinking baked beans, and corn on the cob and potato salad? I love all 3, so sounds good to me! Ha! Chris's mom is going to bring "Jenna's Dip." A yummy dip that they got from their cousin...Jenna! Mom agreed to make a cookies and cream cheesecake which just sounds amazing!! I think it is going to be so much fun to have all of our families together to eat! And I know Chris will love is because he of course loves his family, and I am pretty sure he loves mine. (I think is is mainly because my mom laughs at everything that he says!!)

So that is the "plan." But we know things never go exactly according to plan. But that's ok. I just want to soak up this week with him. I know it's not permanent, and I know I will see him on the weekends, but it will be weird to not have him around during the week. But it will all be worth it for the future ;)

My favorite picture of us!

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