Friday, May 20, 2011

Final Grade

I just need to post this in my blog so I will remember how ridiculous it was. 

I checked my final grades of my master's program as soon as they posted them. I was shocked/appalled/angered to see a "B" listed next to one class. I could not wrap my brain around how I got a B. I, of course being the freak I am, immediately e-mailed my teacher:
"Can you please explain and show me how I received a B in HSA 762?  The official grades have been posted and I am completely blind sided by the B that is posted. The grades in the Moodle grade book add up to 485 out of a total of 510. Am I missing grades? Please let me know."
Maybe a little gruff, but I was none too happy. I also decided to email the program director. Since she has access to all of our grades. I explained I know it is only a B but I was really shooting for a 4.0. Response: 
"You actually earned an A in the course.  "Professor" was out of town when grades were due and the call was made to enter Bs for the students.  The Dean is processing change of grade forms and it should be in the system by Friday.  Thanks!" (emphasis added)
Uhhhhh, DO WHAT?? Does anyone else see what's wrong here???? How can a decision be made to just give everyone Bs. That is the most absurd thing I have ever heard!!! But any who, the grade should be changed.

But don't you worry, they will hear about it, if it does not change. Here's to a 4.0!! 

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