Sunday, May 29, 2011

You shall call me Master

The Family after graduation
I just realized I never document on here about graduation! Uh, hello! School is one of the few things that has been ruining running my life lately, and I forgot to mention it! Well I think I mentioned it but I did not give it its full justice.

I got front row seats at the ceremony, and was actually the fifth name called. I got to see everyone walk across the stage. I'll give you the highlights:

  • One girl went barefoot- no shoes at all. Makes you wonder what else she went without. 
  • Our colors are blue and gold, so you can imaging the shiny gold sashes we have...a girl's shoes matched that color- exactly.
  • Several girls in a row had huuuuuuge high heels in varying shades or blue/purple. 
  • One girls wore a flower on her head that was larger than her cap...yeah picture that. It was as awkward as you are picturing. 
  • One girl wore her cap in the back of her head rather than the top of her head, and therefore her tassel hung down the back of her neck. Way to go- graduate. 
  • And I won't even get into when half of the undergraduates stood when the Provost asked for graduate students to stand. Lawd. There degrees should be revoked. 
I am so happy to be done with school! And I am so glad my whole family and my new family were able to share the day with me!

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