Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mudbug Madness!

Thursday kicked off Mudbug Madness, an annual crawfish festival held in Downtown Festival Plaza with more than 80,000 pounds of crawfish being cooked to perfection. There is also typical Southern food- fried shrimp, shrimp on a stick, gator on a stick, crawfish quesadillas, deep fried Twinkie, ribeye sandwich, etc...ya know "typical" food. All so very delicious. I did have to put my foot down and forbid Chris to eat the deep fried Twinkie. I just couldn't let him do that to his body. He'll thank me one day.
After the Mudbug Madness 5K!
Plus, we had JUST run the Mudbug Madness 5K! Chris and I finished the race clocking in at a lightening speed of 36:27! Ha ha, ok that's not lightening speed but I don't think it is awful. Chris' calf started cramping up on him really bad. I kept asking if he needed encouraging words, but he wasn't much on talking then. Hmmp. We did finish and he did admit he has fun. Well I had fun during the race, I think he had more fun after the race when he got to eat. But, whatever, we exercised had fun with friends and enjoyed a nice evening with great weather.

Chris said he wouldn't mind doing another 5K "whenever they have them again." Uhh, he must not realize somewhere in this city almost every weekend there is a 5K! Haha, he doesn't know what he is getting himself into.

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