Thursday, June 9, 2011

Just when I thought...

Just when I thought my life would slow's time to buy a house. And does that entail a LOT of work and money and time.

First you have to scrub your current house top to bottom. Which is a horrendous task. Or you can pay someone to scrub it, but that means you have to pick everything up first. Which is also a horrendous task. You begin to realize how much um, crap stuff, you have accumulated.  I guess that is why my friend Rachel enjoys avoid collecting, stuff.

Anyone who knows me knows I do not speak money or mortgages or anything that has to do with important decision making. My philosophy is: that's what Daddy's are for. But I'm pretty sure I am to the point where Daddy can't always be there, unfortunately. But I am hoping that that transfer of power will go from Daddy to Chris. Also unfortunate, is that Chris works 7 on 7 off. Meaning he is gone for 7 days straight. And since he is such a little smarty pants, he also get called away early and gets to stay away longer! Good think for our bank account, not so good for trying to make important decisions I know nothing about. Ugh.

The word mortgage makes my head spins. I don't know anything about anything and would really prefer to keep it that way- that's what Daddys soon to be husbands are for. But life happens and now I am learning about mortgages. Ugh.

And just when I had read all I wanted about FHA, credit scores and down payments, this little gem was delivered to my office:

Ahhhh, perfect timing. Perfect flowers, perfect man for me.

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