Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oklahoma City Part 1

This weekend Chris and I went to a friend’s wedding in Oklahoma City. It was about a 6 and a half hour drive from Shreveport, but well worth it. When we go anywhere new, we really like to explore and try new things, and definitely eat at new places we don’t have in Shreveport. I took in so many insights of the city of the state of Oklahoma.

Ready to go!
We arrived Friday around 3 or 4 (yes I took off work). We sorta skipped lunch so we were starved! We headed to Bricktown, which is a neat little area of downtown OKC filled with restaurants, nightlife, a Triple A Baseball field and a few shopping spots. We decided (it didn’t take much convincing) to have a nice dinner at Mickey Mantel’s Steakhouse. I am not a steak person, but this food was delicious!!  I had the regular fillet off the menu and Chris had the bone-in fillet special. Both were fabulous. Mine had a red wine demi sauce and Chris’ had a yummy sweet flavor. Neither of us can remember what the sauce was, but it had just a hint of sweet that was so good. And of course dessert was next. All desserts are made in house, except the cheesecake, which is flown in from New York. Awesome. Chris is pretty much obsessed with cheesecake, so we went with that. Very yummy. So after we had gained 10 pounds apiece, we walked around Brick Town a bit. Most things weren’t open yet, so we headed back to the hotel to see if any other friends had arrived.

After Dinner
I hate indecisiveness, and boy was there a lot of that that night. It’s hard to please an entire group of people. But NO one could decide what to do that night. We ended up walking to some not so lovely restaurant. What the point of that was, I am not sure because all we did was sit there and snack on food. Pointless. Maybe I was just cranky from the trip. Who knows. But I was over “Twin Peaks” (no, I am not kidding) in a hurry. Side note: Twin Peaks is basically a mountaineer version of Hooters. Get it? Yeah….The waitresses wore fur boots. Tragic. I just wanted to tell each one of them, “You are better than this!”  So back to the hotel we went to get some rest for a full day of exploring on Saturday!

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