Thursday, June 30, 2011

Oklahoma City Part 2

So Saturday was a free day until the wedding that evening. So first on the list…the Mall! We drove to the biggest mall (they had 3!). Things we noticed along the way:
·      There was very little traffic on the interstate. It’s like they have these huge interstates for tons of traffic, but there really isn’t any.
·      After we took our exit to the mall, The roads were incredible. SO smooth and most roads were 6 lanes (3 each way).
·      Traffic that was facing each other (like at a stop light) had green left turn arrows at the same time! This would never work in Shreveport. There would be more accidents than there already are. And many of those turns were double turn lanes! So like, 4 lanes of traffic turning at once.
·      The only reason the above point does work is because everyone drives about 10 miles UNDER the speed limit. Makes for hilarious commentary from Chris, but erratic driving.
·      Oklahoma is VERY, EXTREMELY, WAY windy! Sheesh, it was annoying. I hate wind.
·      Going to other states makes you realize how incredibly flat Louisiana is. I mean there are no hills or anything in LA. OK had lots of undeveloped land, many with rolling hills.
So we found the mall. Did a little window shopping. But did stop in J. Crew and I found two great sales items, Chris of course finds the most expensive pair of shorts in the store, but has to have them. Whatever.

Since we skipped breakfast, we were hungry and had to eat at Cheesecake Factory. But I put my foot down and said no cheesecake! But they do have delicious food. We ate lunch and then made our way down town again. Chris wanted to explore the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial. I had been once back in 8th grade, but was more than willing to go again.

 We walked all around the site and even did the tour inside the museum. It is definitely an American tragedy that is still sad to this day. Can you believe it has been 15 years? One hundred and sixty eight people died that day. Very sad but the memorial and museum is incredible. 

We drove around Brick Town a little more and then headed back to the hotel to rest. We made it to the wedding, which was lovely. Congrats to Andrew and Diana! 

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