Saturday, June 11, 2011

Another 5K

Dad and I ran another 5K this morning! Dad is all about running these days. So he found a 5K for us to run this morning. The race was to raise money for a little boy with encephalitis. So sweet little boy, with such a sad story. 

Any who, we got up and ran this morning. And I must say we did quite well. We didn't quite run the whole thing but we did really well. Our unofficial time is 31:42! I took about 4 minutes off my last 5K. I didn't get nay pictures, but that's ok. Let's just say I was super sweaty!!!

I much as I think to myself around mile 2 "Why the heck did I sign up for this?!" I really enjoy the 5Ks. It's a short(er) distance, quick and easy right? I love the way my body feels after. I feel so accomplished. So...buff. I know this is far from the truth, but the more you believe it, the easier it is to make it a reality. 

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