Thursday, June 23, 2011


It has been a few weeks and while it seems that everything was going on, nothing really was. Like you are so busy but at the same time not... or is that just me?

Any who, Dad and I ran ANOTHER 5K! But this one just about did both Dad and me in. It.was.brutal. It was the same course as the Mudbug Madness, but I honestly think it was a million degrees hotter! Oh my goodness, was it hot!We finished in about 34 minutes. Which was 6 minutes faster than the last time I ran that course, but 3 minutes slower than the one we ran the Saturday before! I really think it was the heat. I declared I am throwing in the towel on evening races, unless they are in January.

This was taken after the race in my car. H.O.T.
Chris and I FINALLY went and picked out tuxes! I say finally because we have been putting it off foreverrrrr. And We are like month away and the boys were going to be necked at the wedding. Unacceptable. So we went and I, I mean he, ok WE, no really I picked out the classic black and white suite. Nothing too fancy but I think he will look perfect!

In Squires. (minus the hat!!) 
Then Chris was gone for forever. I am just continuing to work out and work and go home. A pretty steady routine.

I really need to work on my syllabus for my fall class. But I am also thoroughly enjoying reading books that are not text books! It is a glorious feeling.

Chris and I are going to a wedding this weekend in Oklahoma City. Should be a fun little road trip and a chance to catch up with friends.

That pretty much bring us up to speed.

37 DAYS!!!

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