Thursday, August 30, 2012

Broken Bow Vacation

This is way overdue, but when we got home from intervened into blogging. More on that later.

Ahhhhh, vacation. There is nothing quite like it. Chris and I escaped reality with my family last weekend to Broke Bow, Oklahoma. We had a lovely time of limited cell phone reception and zero humidity. Can't beat that with a stick! Speaking of sticks, after visiting the local grocery store and Walmart, I don't EVER want to here about how "hillbilly" and "backwoods" Louisiana is. I saw things at these fine establishment that will haunt my memory. Example? Milk on sale for $0.69! BECAUSE IT WAS 5 DAYS OLD! Ew. As my Dad said, "What does someone with 5 day old milk do? Feed it to the cat?"

But I digress. We did have a lovely vacation. We went to Abendigo's the first night for Hannah's birthday. It was really good! I had the Chicken Madeira w/asparagus, garlic mash, melted mozzarella & wine sauce. Delicious. 

Mom, Hannah,  Gauge and I went on a hike Saturday morning while boys fished the day away. 

After the hike, we went to the "beach." We use the term, beach loosely. It had water, but no sand. Which I am actually ok with, because I hate sand. The gravel/rocks were a little hard, but we floated in the water most of the time anyway. Even if it wasn't' white sandy beaches, it was still beautiful. And the mountains in the background were awesome!
The "beach"
Our little friend.
My brother's sweet pup, Gauge. 
Sunday morning we went "canoeing." Let me just tell you this was quite an experience. First of all we signed up for 8 miles. I have no idea why we chose that route. Mercy. The first 3 miles went by fast. There was "class 2 rapids." We use the term rapids loosely. But there were a LOT of rocks that were available to run your canoe into. I did this often. I was supposed to be "steering" the boat from the front and Chris was all the muscle in the back. Mercy. I think we ran into every.single.boulder. And every time we did, I would laugh hysterically and Chris would just look at me like I'm crazy. He only had to get out of the boat and pull us off a rock 17 times. Good times. I know that man loves me, because if he didn't he would have been yelling and thrown me out of the boat at mile marker 1. 

The scenery was beautiful. 

This "waterfall" was about 3 feet. It was more scary than it looks. I really did think we were going to flip. I was ready to bail. After scooping and dumping water out of mom and dad's canoe, it was their turn to go down the fall. It didn't go so well on the first take:
But after getting out, pushing off and turning around, they made it down the fall. Whew. 

And Chris caught a fish:

We had an amazing time of just relaxing and not having a schedule! On Monday I went on the boat with Dad and Chris and I actually had ZERO cell phone service. It was amazing.

When we got back in town, of course we hit the ground running and had a zillion things to do. 

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