Monday, August 6, 2012

One year

Chris and I had our one year anniversary, one week ago. I know I am late. Between moving and not having Internet, I haven't had a second to blog about it.

But I do love that man, so I decided to just sit down and write it!

I really wanted to take off Monday and just spend the day together since we had just finished moving, but I had work meetings, so no can do. We didn't have fancy plans since we just bought the house and were exhausted from moving. I wish we had planned something special, after all, we will never have a one year anniversary again. But life goes on...

We went to Lil Italianos for dinner. It was Monday night so we walked right in and got a table immediately. I was going to document all the food, but it seems that by the time entrees get to the table I am too hungry/excited and start eating before I take the picture! Oh well. This was our crab claw appetizer.
Crab season must be over, because these little suckers were small. Still flavored pretty well, but not our favorite. (I'll have to get Chris to take us to our favorite spot, just so I can blog about it! I am sure he won't argue much.)

We wrote our names and date on the wall . Don't panic, EVERYONE writes on the walls here. Which is interesting, because it is a pretty nice restaurant and you wouldn't think there would be graffiti on the walls- but there is. 
After a quick trip to Lowe's...yup, Lowes. I actually requested we go because in the 3 short days we had been at the house I have seen two too many spiders. I do not do spiders. So we stopped to get spider killer, because I can't handle spiders.

So we got home and I opened our cake. Yes, we froze the top layer of our cake. And much to my surprise, it was still delicious!!! I couldn't believe it. It was so good I invited the girls over later in the week and they all had a slice! Haha! (Which I thought was special because sharing the wedding with all my bridesmaids was awesome and I am so glad they could relive a little of it through a slice of cake!) 
Our cake! It was much prettier on our wedding day.
I also bought a little piece of red velvet cake (that's what Chris' cake was), but we were so full we couldn't eat it! 
I also bought a small bottle of champagne for use to toast and use our flutes. But that champagne was NASTY! Ha! So we took one sip and poured the rest out! Oh well. 

Most of the rest of the evening was spent watering the yard and me going into hysterics because of the massive spiders I kept finding while I was spraying. I would yelp and Chris would come running. Ick. 

The card I got Chris said something to the effect of reminding him how much I appreciate him, respect him, need him and love him. That sums it up short and sweet. I love you, Chris!

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