Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Moving Day!

So this is a bit delayed, but I love this picture of Chris (6'2''), his Dad (6'0'') and my brother (6'4'') rollin' deep in the UHaul.

Cracks me up. I tweeted the picture and UHaul even retweeted! That also makes me laugh.

Moving day was intense. I have never sweat so much in my life! But we loaded that huuuuuge UHaul up to the max! It would have taken us a zillion trips to get everything to the new house and about two zillion dollars in gas. UHaul was the way to go.

*Bonus* The truck Uhaul reserved for us was broken, so they gave us $50 credit back and then sent Christ down the road to pick up another. No big deal for him to drive down the road, and we got $50 back! Score!

We bought Canes for everyone to eat for lunch and the began the unpacking process. I know I should have taken pictures, but for about 2 days I didn't even know where my phone was. I knew it was in the kitchen somewhere, but I never picked it up or checked it during the day.

Boxes and boxes came off the truck and out of cars. My quote of the day was... "Uhhh... put it in the study." That was my answer for everything that I wasn't sure where exactly it would go.

Most things are in order now and at least the kitchen is clean! I hate walking in to a messy kitchen. Here's to organizing the rest of the house!

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